Feeling Angry?

Here we are, a couple weeks into the new year. How’s it going for you? Has a miracle happened, and Covid-19 has departed as quickly as it arrived? Or is it same old, same old? And you’re reaallllly disappointed.

Oh, man, I thought the vaccine was going to be the answer, that we could get out again, that life would go back to normal! Here’s my thoughts – this IS normal now. Will it get better? Probably. Will it be soon?


So there you are, all angsty and antsy, wanting to get out of your house, wanting this to just. Be. Over. But it’s not.

And DANG IT! Your dog has started acting out. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??!! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Maybe that’s what your dog (or cat) is trying to tell you.

This is a really good time to take a breath, and take a good long look at how your pet is handling Covid times. I suspect they are probably spending a lot of time watching you, because if there’s one thing our animal friends will react to, it’s extreme emotion in us. For the most part, they don’t understand it, and they tend to take it personally.

“What did I do wrong?” They worry (yes, even your cats).

Of course, you know they’ve done nothing wrong. (Except they’re acting out – because of your emotion – oh, UGH.)

What can you do?

Take a breath. I’m not kidding. A deep breath. Feel it all the way down to your toes. Take several. Now, pet your pet, slowly and sweetly. Feel their fur under your fingers. Tell them how you feel, let the frustration out – not AT them, but tell them about it. Let them be your confidante. Let the emotion be released from your body.

I also suggest some form of meditation or even Yoga. Gotta give a BIG shout out to Yoga with Adrienne (google it) – Adrienne has kept me sane for many months, and the cats and dogs love to “do yoga” with us. It has helped keep the energy in our house from getting out of hand.

Things WILL get better. It’s going to take a while. I’m personally hoping things get better before July, because we’re supposed to go to Hawaii, a trip that was postponed from last year. But hey! If it doesn’t happen, we’ll go NEXT year. Try to keep things in perspective.

If you’re finding yourself really struggling, and even hanging with your pet is not doing the complete job, reach out to me. I’d be happy to help.

Meanwhile, Breathe. Pet your pet. This too shall pass. It just might not have the same timeframe as you.

Dog´s paw and man´s hand best friends

Published by Ashara Morris

Ashara is an Author, Animal Communicator, Gestaltist, and Reiki Master. Her whimsical way of looking an life and her love of all beings, furred, feathered, scaled, and human, allows a broad and compassionate view of the adventures that life brings to us all. Learn more about what she does at www.harmonysheartanimals.com or www.harmonysheartcoaching.com

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