That Holiday Feeling

Here it is, February, and the Holidays happened “back then.” But you know the feeling?

People are nicer to one another. The lights are so pretty. In some parts of the country (like here) there’s a snap in the air, and oooooo, we might get some snow! (We actually pray for this nightly, as it is bone dry in our part of Colorado and our hay field is looking a mite sparse.) Even the songs are happy, except maybe for “Blue Christmas”.

When I think about those things, I can recreate the feeling. The feeling that anything is possible, and presents come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes even when they’re least expected. The giving is even better than the getting. Our cats and dogs have their own little stockings lined up near the wood burning stove. The horses’ stockings are hanging in the barn. It’s an expansive time, made better by the thought of “good will toward men (women, children, and animals too).”

Did you happen to notice during that time that anything your pet did was cute rather than annoying? That even when things got a little hectic, there was that happy face looking at you, because they could feel the underlying joy in you?

What if it was like that all year round?

It can be – and it starts with us. Breathe deeply. Think about things that make you happy – and I’m talking about actual happy things, not things like a bad time falling on someone else that deserves it – because honestly, no one deserves it.

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Oh my gosh, Ashara has drunk the Kool Aid! She thinks we should be nice to EVERYONE. Well, yeah, I do. And the ones we need to be kindest to are the ones that push our biggest buttons. I’m right there with you, gang; there are some people out there that rub me the wrong way, and those are the ones to whom it serves me best to be nice. Read that again. It serves me best. Because it stretches me. Besides that, my cat likes it when I keep that vibe going. When I’m in a bad mood, my cats hide under the bed. I suspect my husband would hide under the bed, too, but he’d have to move the cats, and he’s too nice to do that.

So, to have a harmonious, happy household, keep that Holiday spirit going, 365/24/7. Your pets will LOVE it. They bask in that kind of energy. Notice if it improves their behavior. And people will wonder why you’re so happy, which is kind of fun, ‘cos you’re messing with their trying to be sad. I love that.

Published by Ashara Morris

Ashara is an Author, Animal Communicator, Gestaltist, and Reiki Master. Her whimsical way of looking an life and her love of all beings, furred, feathered, scaled, and human, allows a broad and compassionate view of the adventures that life brings to us all. Learn more about what she does at or

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