Choosing a New Pet

Are you an animal person who is adding to the family? Or someone brand new to bringing an animal friend into your life? Either way, there’s excitement in the air!

Adding an animal, whether the first one, a new one after an animal has passed, or an addition, is always exciting. All those little faces, each one wanting to be yours, yours, yours! How to decide?

There are lots of things to think about – your lifestyle; where you live; whether any animals you have right now actually want a new brother or sister; food; a vet – all kinds of things. And there are dozens of places online to get information about how to make a good decision about whether or not to bring a pet into your life. You people, my readers, are smart, and I know you do your due diligence.

So, you’ve looked at the logic, such as “does my lifestyle actually support this new being in my life”. All the signs point to “yes!” You’ve decided whether it’s a cat, dog, horse, hamster, snake. Now to find the perfect one! This is where it’s time to trust your intuition.

Wait – what? In.Tu.Ition? Yes. Your decision to bring an animal into your life isn’t just about you; it’s the choice of the animal who is waiting for you. That’s why you got that niggling in the back of your mind that you needed “something”, and it didn’t go away.

The Universe conspires so beautifully to bring us together when the time is right. Here are a couple of examples.

L-R Bernadette, Amy, Niko, and Fiona

We have a beautiful Malamute cross dog named Niko who gets bored easily, and can jump a five foot fence without breaking a sweat. He needs a lot of attention, and rough and tumble time, and we don’t always have the time for him that HE thinks he needs. Our older dog, Fiona, thinks rough and tumble (and Niko, for that matter) is just too much energy output, and would much rather dream on her nice soft bed about those things instead of participating. So Glenn and I had an idea (probably put in our heads by Niko) – what if we got Niko a couple of “puppies” all his own? We expresssed the idea, and within a week, we heard about someone who had puppies of a type we were interested in (not too big, lots of energy, playful and loyal), and voila! Our dog family expanded by two. That was several years ago. The puppies are grown up now, but they and Niko are inseparable; they play HARD (and I wish I had a photo of Amy flying through the air behind Niko while hanging on to his tail), and we have happy dogs all around – including Fiona, who gets to watch and dream and doesn’t have to do all that running.

Jackson. Tolstoy. One and the same.

Our cat Jackson leaped out of pictures online from a local animal rescue. We had gotten the feeling that our beloved Tolstoy was ready to come back. I started going through the photos, and when I came to Jackson, there was Tolstoy looking at me through those eyes. I remember very clearly saying “there you are,” to the photo. I’m sure the people at the shelter thought I was nuts. I was very clear that he was the cat I wanted, without even meeting him in person, and no one else would do. Jackson keeps showing us “Tolstoy traits”. He snores, and he’s left-pawed, just like Tolstoy. I guess he wants us to know we did actually make the right choice. Got it, dude.

You may think because I’m an animal communicator that this intuition thing would come easier to me, but it’s something anyone can do. The biggest thing is trusting in yourself. People have asked me how they’ll know when it’s the right animal. I always tell them that our animal friends make it easy for us to find them, and if they are willing to open their mind and heart, their friend will be right in front of them.

Trust yourself. That animal you want? It’s right there, waiting for you.

Published by Ashara Morris

Ashara is an Author, Animal Communicator, Gestaltist, and Reiki Master. Her whimsical way of looking an life and her love of all beings, furred, feathered, scaled, and human, allows a broad and compassionate view of the adventures that life brings to us all. Learn more about what she does at or

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