Can I Talk With My Animals?

Well, the quick answer to this question is – “of course!” However, getting there is sometimes a challenge. And why?

Because we don’t believe in a) ourselves and b) that it’s possible. And we think it’s some kind of mumbo jumbo.

Not necessarily together, or in that order.

It’s pretty easy to figure out what these guys want.

Let’s think about this for a minute. If you’re reading this blog, you must already have some curiosity around animal communication, or some experience with it, or both. You may have a favorite communicator you work with. Sometimes they’re right on, and sometimes not so much. An excellent animal communicator is generally right about 70% of the time. That’s a pretty good average, actually, in an inexact science. Inexact, because so much of the time it’s perception.

I’ve had people try to “test” me by withholding information. And I’ll be the first to tell you I do not work well in a vacuum. I can get a message from an animal, and because I’m telling you exactly what I’m getting from your animal, what I say may be about as far from what you’re looking for as it can be. But when I have some context around what I’m getting, it’s easier to zone in on what the animal is actually trying to tell you.

You may have an animal who is seriously ill. If you ask me “is my pet okay?” , and the animal from his perspective thinks nothing is wrong, or that the way it feels is okay, what I’m going to hear is “I’m fine.” From your point of view, that is not true. But from the pet’s, it is. So then you say “but my pet has cancer, this is erroneous information.”

Is it? The animal may not see his disease the same way you do. They don’t deal with pain the same way we do. We look ahead, we worry about what’s going to happen next. The animals live in the moment, and maybe in the moment I’m talking to him, he truly feels okay. That may not be the case the next day, or even the next minute, but right now, that’s his truth.

It’s also difficult, sometimes, to keep our own desires out of the equation. Even someone as powerful as my mentor, Joy, called on me when she had a serious question for her pet, because she knew her own filters wouldn’t allow her to see what was really there. When I have a decision to make about a pet and I know I want a particular outcome, I call on my animal communicator friends. And even then, it can go sideways.

There’s a horse I was very interested in adopting, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice. So I called a friend of mine and we had a conversation with the horse. She kept talking about someone “up north” that she was meant to be with. Based on where I live relative to the horse, I interpreted that as it could be me, because we did have a connection of some type. So I made arrangements to have her shipped here. Two days before she was supposed to ship, she hurt her knee, badly enough that no one wanted to put her on a trailer and subject her to hours of standing on something that hurt. So she stayed where she was, and that knee got worse. She was making it abundantly clear that she was not supposed to come here, that “up north” was someone else entirely. The person who has the horse sent me a photo of a friend of hers who lives “up north” from her, and is a lifetime friend and fellow horse-lover. When I saw the photo, I felt the horse’s heart leap. I heard clearly “That’s her!” This was the person she’s supposed to be with. Even the best of us can listen poorly, and it was a huge lesson for me. Pay attention to the nuances, the details.

So, can you talk to your animals? Absolutely! Trust yourself, trust your animal, take some lessons from someone who does this for a living, and allow the relationship to deepen and take on new meaning. You may not always get the answers, but you’ll get plenty that will help you on your journey with your animal friend. It’s so worth it to have that extra level of understanding.

To start you on your way, learn how It’s All About L-O-V-E(tm) – click HERE for free information about a concept that will open doors to your animal friend’s thoughts and feelings.

Published by Ashara Morris

Ashara is an Author, Animal Communicator, Gestaltist, and Reiki Master. Her whimsical way of looking an life and her love of all beings, furred, feathered, scaled, and human, allows a broad and compassionate view of the adventures that life brings to us all. Learn more about what she does at or

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