The Duchess of My Heart

I’ve admitted it – I’m a cat person. I looooove the keekee’s. Given the choice among a dog, cat, or horse – at this point in my life I’m choosing the cat, hands down, mostly because I don’t bounce like I did when I was younger. However, if the horse was ”bomb proof” (nobody isContinue reading “The Duchess of My Heart”

Let the Dog make its own Decisions

What??? You mean, like, ”I want to run in the street?” Let’s not go crazy here. You wouldn’t let me run in the street, would you? Well, maybe you would. Let’s remember, though, that the being inside the dog is looking at things from a dog’s perspective. While running in the street might sound likeContinue reading “Let the Dog make its own Decisions”

You feel, I feel, Fluffy feels

Fluffy FEELS? Really? I thought animals were just automatons and, like Mr. Data in Star Trek, did not have their emotion chip turned on. No, I don’t really think that, but there are people who do (probably no one who reads this blog). I think they think that for a few reasons: It’s how theyContinue reading “You feel, I feel, Fluffy feels”

The Amazing Disappearing Cat

When I was a sophomore in high school, we moved from our small home in Milwaukee to a bigger place outside Kenosha. My dad was commuting to and from his work in Kenosha (Snap-On Tools for you tool aficionados), and I wanted a horse. Seemed like good enough reasons to move. Leaving the Milwaukee houseContinue reading “The Amazing Disappearing Cat”

The Ballad of Rusty and Andy

Guitars twang. Open on a scene of a dusty, one road old-time western town. A tumbleweed dances across the road, escaping from who knows what. Except in our ballad, Rusty and Andy live in a pasture on a five-acre parcel of land. It is a little dusty, because they live in Colorado. The year isContinue reading “The Ballad of Rusty and Andy”

Niko the Truck Junkie

Our oldest dog, Niko, has always loved riding in vehicles. The truck is his favorite; it has a big backseat, so plenty of room for bushy old him plus his two sisters. To say our truck smells like a dog den would be understating. It’s a good thing when the lease was done we decidedContinue reading “Niko the Truck Junkie”

OMG! Let’s Not Repeat The First Two Years in Decade 2020!

It’s the first week in January. What is your 2022 going to look like? Will there be monsters chewing up cashews in the tree outside your house? Or will you be riding a dragon up in the thermals? I personally am all about the dragon in the thermals, and the way to do that isContinue reading “OMG! Let’s Not Repeat The First Two Years in Decade 2020!”

Pick a Holiday, Any Holiday

The holidays are upon us, and we have plenty to choose from. First and foremost, here in the Western part of the globe, is Christmas, followed closely by Hannukah (already past this year; it was shortly after Thanksgiving, the official start of Holiday Season.), then Kwaanza, and who knows what else – I’m happy toContinue reading “Pick a Holiday, Any Holiday”