A Different Point of View

Let’s look at situation – you have a dog, and a reasonably big piece of property, say, an acre or two or five. You think that’s plenty of room for your dog to roam, and you really don’t like it when Fido disappears for no apparent reason. When that happens, you have to go findContinue reading “A Different Point of View”

What If I’m Too Emotional?

Crikey – what does that even mean? I cry at Hallmark commercials. Does that mean I’m too emotional? I also cry when I’m happy, and when something touches me deeply. Does that make me weird? (Some might shout a hearty “YES!”). Here’s something to know about your animals. They’re emotional too. Don’t let your catContinue reading “What If I’m Too Emotional?”

Choosing a New Pet

Are you an animal person who is adding to the family? Or someone brand new to bringing an animal friend into your life? Either way, there’s excitement in the air! Adding an animal, whether the first one, a new one after an animal has passed, or an addition, is always exciting. All those little faces,Continue reading “Choosing a New Pet”

The Horse and The Heart

Have you heard about the television program “Heartland”? It’s a Canadian show (I LOVE the Canadians) about a teenage girl, Amy, and her ability to commune with horses. It is currently in its 14th season on the air, so that young girl has grown up, gotten married, had a baby, and is still communing withContinue reading “The Horse and The Heart”

Be The Best Cat Parent EVER

You know how there are dog people, and then there are cat people? At least that’s what we think, but how true it that? Let’s take a look. I’ll be honest. I like dogs, but I LOVE cats. (Don’t tell the horses, but over the years I’ve discovered I actually like cats better than anyContinue reading “Be The Best Cat Parent EVER”

The Human/Animal Connection

Some people think, since humans are the dominant species on the planet (at least they believe so) that animals are just that – animals to be exploited, killed, decimated. But we know better. Without nature, without the animals, we are NOTHING. The way we treat our animal friends is the way we should treat everything;Continue reading “The Human/Animal Connection”

When Enough is Enough

The hardest thing we can do as pet parents is end an animal’s life. They are our faithful companions and teachers. We respect them. We want them to be with us for as long as possible. At the same time, we don’t want them to suffer. So when is enough, enough? It’s a difficult call,Continue reading “When Enough is Enough”

The Ducks Are Here!

Becca Hardwick shares the story of some ducks who came to visit. Thank you for this lovely essay, Becca! —————————————————————————————————— The first time I heard my boyfriend shout, “The ducks are here!”, I had no idea what a common and happy phrase that would become at our house over the next four months. The ducks waddledContinue reading “The Ducks Are Here!”

That Holiday Feeling

Here it is, February, and the Holidays happened “back then.” But you know the feeling? People are nicer to one another. The lights are so pretty. In some parts of the country (like here) there’s a snap in the air, and oooooo, we might get some snow! (We actually pray for this nightly, as itContinue reading “That Holiday Feeling”