Consistency is Key

I don’t know about you, but when I worked in corporate America, the thing that drove me nuts about some of the companies I worked for, and some of my bosses, too, was when they’d say one thing and do another. Or the rules would change. Arrrrghhh! Now, imagine you’re a dog. Your person saysContinue reading “Consistency is Key”

Why Are Some Animals SPOOKY?

Spooky – now there’s a word. Do you have a spooky animal? And what does that even mean? Does it mean the animal is scared? Or scary? Let’s pick one – the animal is SCARED, so it is SPOOKY. Spooky is a word often associated with horses who have a tough time keeping their cool.Continue reading “Why Are Some Animals SPOOKY?”

Feeling Angry?

Here we are, a couple weeks into the new year. How’s it going for you? Has a miracle happened, and Covid-19 has departed as quickly as it arrived? Or is it same old, same old? And you’re reaallllly disappointed. Oh, man, I thought the vaccine was going to be the answer, that we could getContinue reading “Feeling Angry?”

Through an Animal’s Eyes

A question I hear now and then is “how do animals perceive the world”? Phew, that’s a big topic! Are we talking physically? Emotionally? Spiritually? All three? I’m no scientist, so my perception of what they perceive is based purely on observation and conversation. Totally my opinion. Which is what you’re going to get. WhenContinue reading “Through an Animal’s Eyes”

Do Something Hard

The New Year is right around the corner. 2021. In numerology, that’s a Five year, and I’m here to tell you, the number five is all about restlessness. After the way 2020 has asked us to hold still, I suspect there’s going to be LOTS of restless natives trying to bust loose. Hopefully, we’re onContinue reading “Do Something Hard”

Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays

This time of year, people seem to be kinder to one another. Why is it easier now than during the rest of the year? I’ve always wondered about that. What if we were kind to one another, and to our pets, all year long? Do you find it easier to be kind to your petContinue reading “Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays”

Season 3, Episode 7

We just finished watching Season 3, Episode 7 of Star Trek: Discovery. The title of the episode is Unification III. Okay, so I’m a huuuuuuuge Star Trek fan. Huge. I was there on September 8, 1966, when Star Trek debuted on commercial television. I’m also old, but you knew that. It was the salt creatureContinue reading “Season 3, Episode 7”

That Old Dog Disease, Part II

I thought you might like an update on our sweet Fiona. She’s doing very well. She also looks like she’s constantly amazed, because her head is tilting to one side, which is very common with this thing. She’s eating. On Friday morning she finished her breakfast, the first time she has eaten an entire mealContinue reading “That Old Dog Disease, Part II”

Old Dog Vestibular Disease

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Let me tell ya, it’s not a lot of fun, especially for the old dog. We have an old dog. We’ve never really thought about how old she is, since she has been lively and runs with the younger pack members. But we realized today that our beautiful Fiona is aContinue reading “Old Dog Vestibular Disease”

That Crazy Time of Year

This week it starts – The Holidays. To some, it might be The Horrordays. It can be stressful and way too busy. It will certainly be different this year, what with Covid-19 putting the kabosh on many family gatherings. For us, we’ll be home with our furry family, putting up the Christmas Tree/Hannukah Bush, andContinue reading “That Crazy Time of Year”